Cutting Techniques

  • Club Cutting

  • Free Hand

  • Scissor Over Comb

  • Taper Cutting

  • Pointing and Texturising

  • Thinning

Club cutting is actually the standard haircut technique of cutting the hair to create a smooth blended look without texture. It creates uniform lengths or smoothly graduated layers. The scissors are held in the cutting hand, and the hair slice to be cut is held at the proper elevation for the style you are trying to achieve while the hair is cut at the appropriate angle.

Free-hand cutting is just what it sounds like. The stylist uses his/her scissors to cut the hair without holding it in the other hand’s fingers or using any other tool to hold the hair in place.

Most often, cutting is down with the scissors pointed down at an angle, but can be cut upward. This technique creates a lot of texture in the style. Free-hand cutting is often used as a texturing technique.

The scissors-over-comb method is performed with the stylist holding a comb in what would normally be his/her “holding” hand. The comb is used to elevate segments of the hair which are then cut by the scissors which are held in the cutting hand. The stationary blade (the lower blade) is positioned so as to be parallel to the comb. This technique is ideal for blending and cutting very short hairstyles without using clippers.

Taper cutting(feathering) will reduce both the lengths and the thickness of the hair.It is done on dry hair,unlike club-cutting,the hair is cut underneath the fingers.

Pointing and texturising can be used to achieve feathered effects and to soften hard lines created by club cutting.Take a sub-section of hair and insert the scissors over the fingers to chip out small pieces at the ends of the hair.When larger pieces are taken out of the hair-this is called texturising.

Thinning hair with thinning scissors remove the thickness or bulk from the hair ,not length.

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