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Outputs of the INLEARC project

Output 1: Methodology for digital competences in the field of robotics/mechatronics

Output 2: Artificial intelligence (AI) enabled smart e-learning materials for future specialists of robot-based work-places.

Output 3: Integration of Digital Intelligent Education in Robotics/Mechatronics into Digital Learning Platform (DLP)

Main objectives

The objective of the INLEARC project is to develop the methodology and corresponding teaching materials (supported with the tools of artificial intelligence) in the field of robotics/mechatronics for these use in an innovative e-learning environment (digital platform). Through visualization and virtualization, the digital learning materials are based on robotics work-cell of actual work-places.

The aim is to change teaching process more interactive, interesting and attractive, to make difficult technical subjects more easily understandable and available, using also game-based principles. Therefore, VET students will obtain competences that the industry needs and become more competitive in labour market. Companies have workforce in the future that has competences they need. As labour force is one of the most important resources of the company, then the assumptions for better competitiveness of the companies would be created. Also, through improved teaching process increases competitiveness of the educational institutions and their revenues.



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Tallinn Industrial Education Centre

Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences

Riga Technical College